10 Ways to Save Money

I know i’m not the only one out there who has a hard time trying to save! I spend all my money on things I don’t need and just want. I am still in the process of trying to save money and here are some of my ideas that have helped me out tremendously!

Hide your Online Savings Accounts
I recently got my online savings accounts hidden by going into the bank and asking them what I could do to stop transferring money over to my everyday account but still being able to have easy access if it was needed.
This is has been the best thing I could’ve done. I automatically have $100 come out every week and I am able to add more to it if I can afford to do so. It’s just like paying off a loan but instead your paying off yourself.
It is so motivating to find out how much money you have saved just by doing this.

Limit your Spendings over the Weekends
I know its hard to say no to a crazy clubbing event coming up, going to a bar for a few drinks or even just spending a lot of money on going for dinners to catch up with family and friends but they all add up quickly.  Don’t deprive yourself every weekend by not doing anything but just slow down and do it less, maybe every 1 or 2 months?
Go out and do things that don’t cost much money like cooking your food at home instead of buying it, go for a walk/hike, check out your local weekend markets, see the latest movie thats out in cinemas even go on cheap tuesday instead.

Wait to Make your Purchase
Have you seen something you really want? Think about it for 1 or 2 days and see how you feel about it by then. Do you really need it? Will it make you reach your end goal?

Putting Money Away
You really need new clothing? Really want those shoes you saw at the store? Want the latest video game?
If you know you need to buy new clothing for winter/summer that is coming up or you just really want something you saw at a store, then put it on layby and put money aside for it weekly and save for it. Putting money aside will not set you back for all those bills and savings for your week by buying it straight away.

Weekly Food Shop
It is so easy to spend your weekly pay on Food! Buying all your food for the week will save you so much money. I do my weekly shop on the sunday and buy all the ingredients I need for the week which will roughly cost around $100 for 2. This includes breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinners. If i don’t do my weekly shop I end up spending $30 a night for dinner and buying lunch at work which costs roughly $10. By doing a weekly shop I am roughly saving up to $100+ a week.

Money Tin
Money tins have always been one of the best ideas! Left over notes that you didn’t use over the weekend? Put it in the tin. Coins in your wallet? Put it in the tin. Even if you just put in $5 a week. You can buy these from the $2 price savers stores for around $4 and you cant open them unless you use a can opener. My last tin i saved close to $2,000.

Going out on the Weekend
If you have plans for the weekend and don’t want to go over your budget for night then get out the amount you want to spend for the night in cash and even leave your card at home if your game enough! You may even see yourself coming home with money.

Hair & Nails  Maintenance
If you colour your hair then try to do something natural that isn’t high maintenance that you seeing yourself go back to the hairdressers all the time because of that regrowth. Get it done when you really need to!
Paint your own nails at home instead of getting fake nails every month. I know they look so pretty!! By not spending $60 a month on nails you are saving up to $720 a year! Which is a massive save!

Selling your Belongings
Do you have anything that is worth a little amount of money that you could sell on Gumtree, Ebay etc. If you don’t use it, then sell it.

Birthdays & Christmas Gifts
Are you saving for something in particular such as a holiday or house? Then ask for gifts that will help you out with your saving goals. You want to go travelling and need a new suitcase, then ask for that. Your saving to put a deposit down for a house? Then ask for items for a house. Even ask for money and put it straight into your bank or money tin.

I hope these tips are able to help you as they have helped me! Saving money is so much easier said then done! I know things such as bills and birthdays etc. are always trying to set you back but make sure to always keep your goals in mind and why your trying to save money. Think of where you will be once you have saved up enough money for what your saving for.
Keep going because your closer then what you were last week!


Comment below with ways that have helped you save?

Did you try any of my tips and they worked for you?
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    Nice tips, thanks for sharing this Sarah.

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    Thanks for this post. I certainly agree with what you’re saying. I’ve been talking about this subject a great deal lately with my father so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

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