5 Days in Singapore

5 Days in Singapore! 

For my 21st birthday my friend organised a surprise trip for us to Singapore. He didn’t tell me until 3 days before and even organised the time off with my work and everything (I know, I was super spoilt). He planned to tell me the day before we were supposed to leave but it didn’t work that way as it is very hard to keep everyone from slipping up and asking me about it haha.

So we packed our bags and got on our flight from Perth to Singapore.

We flew Scoot Airlines which is a budget airline. We were both really happy. I’m so used to the many budget flights that I have flown to Bali so this was a lot better (for me anyway). The plane was empty so we could all move around and get seats to ourselves.

We stayed at Furama Riverside hotel. It was in the city and close to everything, the staff and service were really lovely and accommodating. The rooms were also good sizes and had all the essential, a pool, gym, restaurant but who really spends a lot of time at the hotel anyway? As long as it has a pool and a nice comfy bed.

The first day we spent checking out all the shops on Orchid road which was absolutely beautiful. Orchid road is a tourist must see when visiting Singapore. They have all the expensive stores such as Cartier, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors etc. Which was awesome to window shop and dream a little, but something I really wish I was more organised for and asked around was for some CHEAP shopping centres. We went back to Orchid road 3 times thinking if we just walked a little further maybe we would find some stores I could actually afford to shop in? But nope! I still to this day have no idea where some nice shopping malls for shopping! So if you are going to Singapore ask family or friends who have been, ask the locals (which we did but they didn’t know what we were referring to) but keep asking eventually you will find someone who will know.



We spent the rest of the day checking out China Town. If you love asian food and are willing to try something different then this is a must. The food and drinks are fairly cheap here compared to other places.

At night we spent our time  trying new resturants pubs and clubs at Clarke Quay. This place is always busy any night of the week, it was always good to have that same Friday/Saturday vibe even on a Monday. It’s all colourful lights, drinks and good times.

We spent our second day at the ‘Gardens by the Bay’ which had 2 sections to go around and see. For a ticket it cost around $30 p/p for a day ticket and around $60 p/p for a night tour. I would love to go back and do the night tour which would be absolutely breathtaking. Gardens by the bay was beautiful and nothing like I have seen before so much work would’ve gone into this beautiful Singapore attraction.


We went and visited the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and had a drink at the rooftop bar. The hotel is one of the main attractions for Singapore as it has the best view and the well known infinity pool. When I go back here this is on my list of must stay places. The pool looked incredible and the views from your hotel room would be incredible. I have heard many good things about staying here but definitely need to see it for myself.


At night we got dressed up and ready to hit the casino – make sure to bring your passport. You don’t have to pay any entry. I cannot stress this enough to avoid having a shitty night – make sure your 21! We all arrived and were so excited because we have heard a lot about this casino and it also has a lot of games that we don’t have here in Perth. We got to the casino thinking that you had to be 18 like in Australia and I was 3 days off being 21 and the security guard kicked me out like I was on fire! So therefore couldn’t go in (but my friends were obsessed and had a lot of fun if you enjoy a good gamble occasionally).

We spent our last 2 days at Sentosa Island. The first time going over there we took the cable kart and this is a must. We got a taxi to the cable carts and then the cable cart to Sentosa Island. The views from the cable cart were incredible, Singapore is so green and full of trees but filled with buildings sky high.
The first day we spent at Adventure Cove which is a water park. An adult ticket cost around $30 and $26 for kids and seniors. There is so many watersides and activities to try. You can swim with dolphins, touch stingrays and swim in a tube full of different types of sharks.
Rainbow Reef was fantastic and I wish I had gone and done it a million times. You line up and get a 10 minute snorkel around in a the current full of tropical fish and it gives you the feel of swimming in an aquarium.
We also paid around $35 each and did the Shark Encounter. Once you have booked your session you have to sign safety paper work to say your doing this at your own risk etc. and then get a safety lesson, given goggles and suckers to help you stick to the bottom of the enclosure and then your ready to get in.
You descend the ladder get inside this round semi-spacious acrylic enclosure for 15 minutes, hold your breath and see these amazing creatures that live under the sea.
If you decide to do this make sure you book in at a feeding time. They only have feeding times 3 times per day at certain times of the day. I unfortuantly was the only one out of my friends who didn’t get this and although it was an incredible experience it was a bit different to a feeding session as they feed and taunt the sharks next to the enclosure so the sharks are up close and banging against the enclosure hungry for their feed.

If you are visiting Adventure Cove some recommendations would be:

  1. Check the weather before your visit. Rides will get temporarily shut down if it is bad weather. This happened to us and nobody was allowed in the water.
  2. Like any other water theme park try to avoid busy days such as weekends.
  3. If you want to take photo bring your GoPro or waterproof camera’s you won’t regret it!
  4. Be aware of the fee of $10-$15 for a locker for your belongings. The less the better.

image5                            image7

On our last day we went back to Sentosa Island and spent the day at Universal Studios. Universal studios is a must see when in Singapore and is suitable and a good time for all ages. We organised with a lady at our hotel to get our tickets so I would suggest looking around and see where you can get any deals but the prices for a one day pass for adult: $74.00, child: $54.00 and senior: $36.00

Universal studios has got 7 themed sections:

  • The Lost World
  • Far Far Away
  • Madagascar
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Sci-Fi City
  • Hollywood
  • New York

Make sure you try and see as much as you can because its so incredible and make sure you go on the Transformers ride because i swear you won’t regret it! I cannot even describe to you how mind blowing and fun this ride is so just make sure it is a must see!

If visiting Universal Studios some of my recommendations would be:

  1. Bring as little as possible – we all shared a backpack and took turns holding it when on our trip so just bring one for all your items and take turns holding it.
  2. Same as I said with adventure cove make sure to check the weather because you don’t want to go in bad weather!
  3. Make sure to avoid busy time periods eg. weekends and school holidays
  4. I cannot stress this recommendation enough – BUY AN EXPRESS PASS!!!

Express passes are the most amazing things to hit a theme park (only if people hardly know about it). Express passes give you VIP entry to all rides so you get to skip the line. Most of the time you don’t even have to wait 1 minute to get on the ride even though everyone who doesn’t have the express pass could be waiting hours to go on the one ride.
We got out express passes at one of the gift stores near the entry. It costs about $50-$70. The $50 pass means you can only use the express pass once every ride and the $70 pass means you can go on as many rides as many times as you want VIP. Truthfully, I think you only need to get the $50 pass if you are wanting to see as much as you can and won’t be going on rides more than once.

image1  image3


That was the end to my Singapore adventure but I couldn’t have been happier with the amount we got done in such little time.
Singapore is such a beautiful place and I would love to go back again soon but not as a tourist and see as much of their culture as I can.

Hope some of my tips helped if you’re planning to go to Singapore and if your not, make sure to put it on your travel bucket list!


I’d like to know where some of your favourite place in Singapore? Comment below!

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