About Me

Hi! Im Samara, I’m 21 & I’m from Perth, Australia.

I love trying new things and doing something adventurous! Nothing is better than the

feeling of seeing something beautiful like waking up early to see the sunrise or watching the sunset, just seeing something really breathtaking.

I am a chocolate addict, I have probably eaten more chocolate than I should admit (haha) it is definitely my weakness!

I want to one day travel the world, for as long as I can remember this has always been my dream. I want to see places I have never seen.
I am so interested in all the history, the different culture and all the amazing scenery all around the world. It is my goal to see and experience as much of it as I can.

I love reading and scrolling through fashion blogs and looking at good fashion pictures. If I could afford it I would live in a closet full of my favourite clothing and shoes.
If i’m not scrolling through a fashion blog I am watching make up and beauty tutorials on youtube with my favourite youtubers otherwise i’m being lazy and binge watching Netflix.

I started this blog because I was bored one day scrolling through Pinterest and found one of my now favourite bloggers (The Blonde Abroad) found her to really motivate me with all my travel goals. I then started researching other bloggers and found some really great blogs which has made me to start my own.
I want to achieve my goals, write about all my experiences and give all my tips that I learn along the way to inspire people like other bloggers have inspired me.

So welcome to my personal space!

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